Ufone WhatsApp Packages

Ufone offers a variety of packages for WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. There’s also the Unlimited package that allows you to use unlimited data with your respective apps like these three plus Instagram on one plan! The monthly option costs $3 while daily plans start at just 1GB per day which can last up until 30 days or more depending how much stuff people are posting every second (it seems).

The maximum amount allocated will get users about an entire gigabyte worth – be it during either 28 consecutive days in advance before renewing again all together; as well as throughout this single month once signed off by customers themselves.

Daily and Monthly Ufone WhatsApp bundle

PackageData VolumePriceActivate
(WhatsApp + Facebook + Twitter)
100 MB
Validity: 01 Day

Rs. 5


500 MB
 10,000 SMS
Validity: 01 Day

Rs. 5

(WhatsApp + Facebook + Twitter)
1 GB
Validity: 30 Days

Rs. 50

Ufone Free WhatsApp Code and Detail

Ufone customers can enjoy free WhatsApp, with a data plan in just 5GB for a month. Absolutely no charge and you’re able to communicate freely between loved ones without any cost whatsoever! 95% population of Pakistan is covered by this offer which means that most people living there have access too it. To take advantage all they need do now*is dial *706# from their phone before 30 minutes has passed since last talking on messenger or calling outbound calls instead – but hurry because these codes might stop at any moment so don’t wait long before using yours

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Here is the code and method for Ufone Free WhatsApp

Dial *987# to Activate free WhatsApp for 90 Days(*5GB for every 30 days).

To check your remaining free WhatsApp Volume, Dial *706#.

Ufone Free WhatsApp city list

LahoreRahim Yar khanBhakkar
KhanewalMandi BahauddinMianwali
SwabiLasbelaToba tek singh

Name of Cities eligible for Free Ufone WhatsApp

With this plan, you’ll get a total of 15GBs worth of WhatsApp data each month. This means that after every thirty days your allowance will increase by 5 GB for an additional 90 day period until all allotted minutes have been used up or the contract has ended.
In addition to being able to send and receive messages on their main account as well as chat with others in groups about whatever they want – customers can also share photos/videos while using Facebook Messenger too!

Do you want to check some amazing Ufone Call packages? The call plans also include free internet volume for WhatsApp.

Ufone WhatsApp Packages Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is for prepaid customers only.
  • The offer is valid for 90 days.
  • The customer will dial USSD *987# to opt-in.
  • The customer will be informed about the validity of 90 days. To opt-in again after 3 months, he will have to dial the USSD again.
  • You will be awarded 5 GB WhatsApp per month i.e. after every 30 days you will get 5GB, in total 15GBs for 90 days.
  • To check remaining resources, dial *706#.
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

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