It's tough to say what Putin is thinking when it comes to nuclear analysts.

PARIS (AP) — Could President Vladimir Putin ever be pushed to the point of using a nuclear weapon?

No question is more pressing -- or tough -- for Kremlin watchers trying to understand whether the Russian leader's nuclear threats are just bluffs.

For now, analysts suggest that the risk of Putin using the world's biggest nuclear arsenal still seems low. The CIA says it hasn't seen signs of an imminent Russian nuclear attack.

Still, his vows to use “ all the means at our disposal ” to defend Russia as he wages war in Ukraine are being taken very seriously.


The White House has warned that if Putin goes nuclear, there could be catastrophic consequences for Russia.

Although it is difficult to say for certain, it is possible that Putin will be deterred by the international pressure. 



The former KGB agent has demonstrated an appetite for risk and brinkmanship. Even for Western intelligence agencies with spy satellites.

“At this time, the U.S. intelligence community has no concrete evidence that he is any closer to using nuclear weapons,” CIA Director William Burns stated in an interview with CBS News.