Nuclear workers in Ukraine have been recounting their experiences of abuse and threats from Russian military personnel.

When Serhiy Shvets looked out his kitchen window in late May and saw gunmen approaching on the street below, he knew he was in trouble. His buzzer rang, and he was sure he was about to die.


As a former soldier in Ukraine's military who was loyal to Kyiv, Shvets knew that the gunmen would either kill him or abduct and torture him.


Six Russian soldiers broke down his door and opened fire. In return, Shvets began to fire back and was wounded in the hand, thigh, ear, and stomach. Losing consciousness, he continued to fight.

Shvets, who survived the shooting, is one of the workers from the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant who have recounted their fears of being abducted and tortured or killed by Russian forces 


Ukrainian officials have accused the Russians of trying to intimidate the staff into continuing operation of the plant through beatings and other abuse.