Mortgage Rates: The Rise of mortgage rates to new terrifying heights, 6.7%, Highest Since 2007

 since the 2008-09 financial crisis, we've never seen such mortgage rates

 This week’s rate was up from 6.29% last week. That large number of moves in a single week have only occurred a handful of times

These surges come as the reserve bank continues to increase the interest rates from the Federal Reserve.

 this 10-year long yield is mostly influenced by expectation for Federal rates.

During the broad turmoil in the bond market, the 10-year result has ricocheted this week.

“The large dispersion in rates means it has become even more important for homebuyers to shop around with different lenders.” -Sam Khater

Due to the significant affect on a buyer's monthlyincome, interest rates have a major influence on housing

Home prices are still continuing to rise every year, but the pace of growth has slowed quickly

refinancing does not seem to be an attractive proposition due to high rates