PTCL Helpline numbers

Customers can contact PTCL Customer Care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for assistance. Customers can reach their agents 24/7 for assistance with questions and for issues to be resolved as soon as possible. 

For any problems you may be experiencing with your service, please call 1218 to register your complaint. This could include difficulties with internet connectivity, no dial tone, frequent disconnections, slow internet speed, etc.

If you are unable to call 1218 because your phone line is down, call 021111282828 from your mobile to register your complaint.

Ptcl customer support is also available via email. Our support team will answer all your questions as soon as possible at [email protected]

Here are more phone numbers for different queries:

To Update Directory Inquiry0800 0 1217
OSS Helpline111 28 28 28 
Corporate Helpline1260 & 111 20 20 20
Billing information1200
Inquiry or directory services1217
Complaint registration or help on any fault1218
Assistance on all services1218
PTCL Helpline numbers

Customers can also contact the Customer Support team by calling PTCL Helpline Number, chatting with employees via Live Chat, or using the newly activated Whatsapp number. In addition, the company has established a customer care center that provides fast, efficient, and personalized service. 

A company’s most important asset is its customers. PTCL’s goal is to train its employees in a way they can assist its customers in a way they can understand. As well, the PTCL customer service department is friendly and well-educated. 

To just hint at the fact that clients face issues is, in this context, a late response. There has been a recent trend of PTCL Customer care resolving any internet issue anywhere and any time. 

As a result, we recommend that they respond quickly so that their customers will be more responsive. As a final note, we hope our article has answered all your questions about PTCL Bill. You may also contact us if you have a question regarding your bill or any other matter.

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