PTCL Bill Payment

Paying bills online and offline is possible for PTCL clients for services such as Evo devices, telephone, Internet, and Smart TVs. JazzCash, UBL’s app, EasyPaisa, and Credit Cards are all methods for paying bills online. Paying the bill can be done either way.

The previous payment line was long before. PTCL now offers online bill payment services. Paying your bills is now possible from any location, including your own home. 

Therefore, the PTCL bills subscription is a monthly subscription. Every month, the bill must be paid before the due date. Bills are sometimes not paid on time. There are later additional charges as a result. Let’s say three months go by without you paying. The PTCL connection will be lost in this scenario.

Pay PTCL bills with Jazz Cash

The JazzCash mobile wallet is available in Pakistan. Customer support is provided around the clock. Pay your bills at any time using the JazzCash app. We’re open seven days a week, so stop by the nearest Jazz location. 

Using JazzCash, here is how you can pay your bill:

Start by logging into your JazzCash App account.

On the primary menu, click Utility Bills

Select Telephone in Utilities.

Choose PTCL Landline from the list.

You will be asked to enter your MPIN number after entering your correct account ID.

When your payment is received, a confirmation message will be sent to your mobile device.

Pay your PTCL bill with Easypaisa

As with JazzCash, Easypaisa is a mobile wallet that uses Cash. In addition, its services are available 24/7 to its customers. Your internet bill can also be paid with the Easypaisa app. Follow these steps:

Start Easypaisa.

First, select the Telephone category from the main menu.

Next, click on PTCL Company from the Phone Category.

You can pay your bill by entering your Account ID in the next menu.

Pay PTCL Bill through UBL

UBL and PTCL have introduced online billing via credit card and debit card. You can also use it to pay your telephone and broadband bills safely and easily. If you have downloaded the UBL app, you can pay the bill by following these steps:

You need to sign in with your UBL account when you open the app.

Go to the payment option in the main menu.

Next, click Utility and select PTCL.

You will be added to the bill list after entering your consumer ID and nick. 

Click to pay now on the previous Utility option. Your UBL mobile number will receive a six-digit confirmation number. The paid option will appear once you enter the code.

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