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Today, we’re going to talk about how you can get your duplicate Iesco bill online through some very easy steps. There are a ton of bills that need to be delivered to countless addresses and it’s possible for the mail man or woman* (delete comma)to lose your bill or deliver it late. It is also possible that you receive/get, near the due date and will have missed payment by then so if not pay on time will incur an extra charge.

To solve all the problems you might face, we now provide a way for iesco customers to get their bills online. You can easily view and download your bill in just a few minutes by entering your reference number and clicking on “search.” In seconds, you’ll have access to an electronic copy of it that’s easy to read with CTRL+P which prints out copies perfectly if needed. If there are any issues or questions regarding this information please contact us at (insert phone number).

To solve all the possible scenarios one may experience as an iesco customer ,we provided them with a method that allowed users access into their account . All they had do was enter their unique code along with search function where within only moments they will be  contact the responsible authority.

What is Iesco Bill? 

The history of IESCO is a really interesting topic, especially for people who live in Islamabad. For those that don’t know what it’s about and its importance to them, there are many things you should be aware of! According to the WAPDA act (which was passed by NEPRA), this electric supply company created Islamabad Electric Supply Company which has been servicing 2.8 million consumers since 1988 with hydroelectric power from their dams across Pakistan…

The history behind Hyderabad Electricity Supplier-ESCo will interest anyone living here or if they’re thinking about moving into our city soon enough; at least according to me (: It all started when The Water and Power Development Authority Act Number XVII got itself approved through an order issued


With our website, you can now estimate your bill. Just enter the unit amount you think has been consumed and keep in mind that there is a difference between commercial bills and residential ones – if more than 500 units are entered it will be generated as a commercial area’s usage rate. Our updated rates on this site provide accurate information at all times to make sure of an easier process for estimating billing amounts!


Find your reference number by looking at the top of your last bill.


In order to get your iesco duplicate bill all you have to do is follow three simple steps.
Step 1: First, take out your previous bill and find the reference number on it. Then enter that into the form provided in step 2a . Step 2a: If there’s a Reference Number box, type in what you see; otherwise skip ahead to step 3 . You’ll be taken directly where we need you go without having made any mistakes along the way! Have a look at our beautiful boll (bill)! It looks like magic but actually isn’t because of these easy-to-follow instructions. Lastly hit CTRL + P or print this magical looking document if needed before clicking “Generate Report” for good measure.


IESCO has offices not only in Islamabad, but also Attock and Jhelum.


Need help with your bill? Contact the helpline and you will not be disappointed.
If you have any billing problems or need assistance, contact us at +92-51-925937 (head office)or [email protected] . Our Facebook page can also answer most of your questions: http://www.facebook/IESCOOffice

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The working hours of the company are from 9am-5pm on weekdays and 2 hour break during Fridays. The employees get a day off every Sunday.


You can now conveniently pay your bill online through a variety of methods. Simply login to internet banking, jazz cash or Easypaisa and enter the required information.

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