How to Change PTCL Wifi Password

As we know, nowadays, everyone has her own PTCL connection. And they are using their internet and enjoy the fast speeds. Sometimes the PTCL wifi Router Password goes to someone then they used, but your internet speed effected.i will explain you How to Change PTCL Wifi Password.

Change PTCL Wifi Password

The best way to disconnect them is to Change PTCL Password. Don,t worry, here I can explain that how you can change your PTCL wifi Router password. i will explain all the methods in few steps that how you can change the PTCL wifi password. There is no need to call an expert.

Step 1

Just open your browser and enter the IP Address you can also open it from your smartphone or tablet.

If this IP is not working, then read it from the backside of your device

Step 2

When you enter your PTCL IPAddress that is and click enter the, you show the pop window. They will aksing you your admin username and password. As I told you that the default is set by complaining is; if this is not working the read it from the backside.
You can change this IP and set by yourself that you want just follow the pattern like this IP
In the popo window, just put your user name and password that were also displayed on the device backside .default user name and password set by the company is User: Admin: Password: admin.
Now company print this info on the backside of the device

After entering the username and password, you will appear the whole setup clearly. Now just go to security, then go to wireless and change your PTCL wifi Password and click on apply. Now your password changed and wifi disconnected from all the devices .enter new password and used the internet.

After the password is changed, reset your Wi-Fi connection on your Laptop or PC, Mobile and click on forgot to remove the old name of your Wi-Fi and password.

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If you also changed your name, then a new name also appears in the search. Just enter the new password and connect the Wi-Fi connection.

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