How to Find PTCL Account ID

In order to view PTCL bills, you need the account number. Any old bill copy will show your account id, but if you don’t have a bill copy, then we can find the account id for you. Enter your landline number to retrieve it. You’ll receive a text message on your mobile number containing your PTCl account number.

ptcl account id sms

Now, lets see how you can get this SMS!

In this case, you must visit the website On this page, you only need to enter your Phone Number with area code. Ignore all other fields. For reference, here is a screenshot:

You will receive a SMS on your mobile number that you registered with PTCL once you’ve entered your complete phone number (with area code) and clicked on ‘Know your Account ID’ to get your Account ID. Here you can retrieve your latest PTC bill by entering your account id that you received from this SMS.

know account id

Now that you have your account id and phone number, you can begin to look at your PTCL bill. To check your PTCL bill, click here!

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