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BISE All Boards of Punjab 9th Class Result 2022 – Matric SSC Result

9th Class Result this year’s updated Punjab Board 2022 will be announced by the Punjab Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education on September 19, 2022. All students will be able to see their results at 9:00 PM that evening. The outcome is a little far from you, if you participate in the tests.

Both intermediate and secondary education boards are also accountable to these boards. A top and the top higher standard are unbiasedly checked by these boards.

SSC 9th Class Result

You can check your 9th class result by clicking on the links below. Furthermore, there is a list of the best boards that you can join in it. The following filtering options are available to you. Identify the board that announces the result date, date sheet, and examination.

The results of every other college are also available, and you can see who topped/positioned at each board. Here you can find the latest scholarship opportunities in Pakistan and abroad. Then, shortlist the colleges and courses that offer free study and scholarships, based on the eligibility criteria. You will find all the necessary information in one place, which makes this task easier for you.

Select Board to Check Results

Lahore BoardRawalpindi Board
Gujranwala BoardSargodha Board
Faisalabad BoardMultan Board
Sahiwal BoardBahawalpur Board
DG Khan BoardFederal Board
DI Khan Board

Check Online 9th Class Result 2022 Just by One Click

On the first day of April, the 9th grade exam was held. The number of students who participate in these examinations is similar to last year. Exams can be taken all year round, and students, who are enthusiastic about getting ready for it, exhibit more anxiety and movement after passing the examination.

Collections of findings older than 2022 are also available here. Not only do these boards schedule and conduct examinations for the first and second part of the Matric SSC and Inter / HSSC, but they also make sure that annual and interim supplies are provided to registered students.

Students across Pakistan are eagerly awaiting the announcement of their 9th Class Results 2022 because the full results of any 9th Class student 2022 will be available online with a roll number. Enter the number, select your board, session, and class, and you’ll get the results online.

9th Class Result2022 BISE all Boards

Regular and interdepartmental exams are administered solely by each board. The results for the regular SSC and HSSC exams will be announced following the extra exams. Transcripts of final exams are mailed following the conclusion of the exams.

It will take two to three years for every board to issue a certificate. The best method for comparing the 9th grade results of all boards is to check there as soon as they are reported by the relevant boards. You can compare the matric score only by entering the roll number.

I pray to Allah for your well-being and other good deeds from Allah. I pray for hard work and belief in Allah. Those actions will reward you.

When the Announce of 9th Class Result

SSC part two examinations were conducted in all of Pakistan’s provinces for all students who appeared in the examination. On September 19th, 2022, check your 9th result nowhere. As soon as the results of the matric class 9th are released, they will be announced by all boards. After the announcement of results, waiting students will not need to wait longer.

Matric 9th Class Result 2022 Announce in middle of September

All papers have been thoroughly checked, and by the way, each student may receive accurate grades based on the hard work he/she has put in. In addition, there may be fewer marks, grades, or chances for errors to be made by the checkers.

On 19 September 2022, the 9th class results will be announced. If the date changes, we will update this post. In their future careers, the matric result 2022 will be a major determinant. The most important thing is that your commitment and hard work will determine the trajectory of your career and success.

Students should be aware that they can choose between pre-medical or pre-engineering after matriculation.

Check 9th Class Result Via SMS

Through SMS, you can access your result on your mobile phone by sending your roll number to the specified code. Student group:

  • Lahore Board: Send your roll number to 80092
  • Rawalpindi Board: Send your roll number to 800296
  • Faisalabad Board: Send your roll number to 800240
  • Sargodha Board: Send your roll number to 800290
  • Multan Board: Send your roll number to 800293
  • Sahiwal Board: Send your roll number to 800292
  • Gujranwala Board: Send your roll number to 800299
  • DG Khan Board: Send your roll number to 800295
  • Bahawalpur Board: Send your roll number to 800298
  • Federal Board: Send “FB Your Roll Number” send to 5050

BISE Sahiwal SSC 9th Class Result 2022

On the same day of September in the middle of the month, the BISE Sahiwal board reports its 9th class result 2022. Also, you will criticize the results from all three boards (middle, secondary, and high school).

BISE Multan SSC 9th Class Result 2022

There is another educational board in Pakistan, namely, the BISE Multan board, that has a well-defined system of rearranging exams to assign examiners, supervising examination procedures, recommending scoring agendas and design to the checkers, and fulfilling examination results. according to well-defined rules and regulations. This board firstly solicit to prepare haphazard results of all its related study material.

BISE Lahore Board Matric 9th Class Result 2022

There are multiple weighted results exposed as a result of the matric board results. This has been brought to the government’s attention. A strict arrangement and rules will be used for this time’s exams.

Your result is still not out, dear students. There will likely be a press release soon on the finalized date by the officials of the Punjab Board. Take advantage of your holiday time and read books while visiting us. Eventually, you will have a good feeling.

Furthermore, we have noticed that the government has cancelled the result. There has been a successful completion of 9th class examinations and candidates are anxiously awaiting the 9th class results 2022. Some students of Lahore search their results by writing 22 Lahore results.

9th Class Result Result BISE Faisalabad Board

In order to ensure the smooth running of enrollment, examinations, and results, the board in Faisalabad should put the step ahead and announce the date for the result so that students do not go through any difficulties.

The names of top position holders for SSC results 2022 will be listed on our website for our readers, so bookmark and share this article with your teachers and friends. Once the names are announced, we will display them.

BISE Rawalpindi Board Matric Result 2022

Rawalpindi Boards will also release results on date 19 at 5am on September 20, 2022, just like results on other boards. Here you can see your School Leaving Certificate 9th class result 2022. We are all aware that the matric final exam results will be released in a few days, so we are all looking forward to hearing any news about the ten class shining students of the board exams.

BISE Gujranwala SSC Result 2022

Among the boards in Gujranwala for the 9th class result 2022, there is one trustworthy board. As an educational system, the board serves the needs of the future. A provision was established before the institution was established for the conduct of matric and inter-exam exams.

It is their responsibility to make important decisions, since they are those who do. In the process, all candidates become resources for society.

The online platform allows students to access their results for 8th class, 9th class, 9th class, 11th class, 12th class, matric, and inter-supply by entering their roll number to obtain and download the mark sheet.

BISE Bahawalpur Matric Result 2022

In each session, more than a million students appeared under this board. During the month of June, the Bahawalpur board will conduct 9th class exams. As of September, the board has announced its results after a two-to-three-month rest.

There must be access to the 9th Class Examination statistics for those students, literature-based curriculum, and scholars. Feel free to contact us with questions regarding the Bahawalpur board 9 class result 2022.

9th class result all boards

Federal Board SSC Result 2022

The Federal Board has also begun the matriculation exams. Now this board will go to show up 9th class result 2022 very soon. Everything is measurable including things like study and literature-based review. Those books, nurturing material, and activities are essential for the result checking and exams delivering purpose.

As things are becoming more and more certain, the overall percentage will depend on the marks and basic grade ideas. In each point, we explain things in a way that ensures that things are assured in the best way possible. Prepared people also need to have their assessment done.

9th Class Result 

This website will soon post the results. Once the official announcement is made on each board’s website, the results will be available there. Students should keep up-to-date on the test and inform us of the results. To obtain the latest test results, click on the chapter below.

You can access past results in full archives. The latest results can be accessed by entering your roll number, selecting your class, selecting the board, and selecting the session. Search for your Punjab school result online.

Matric/ SSC Examination System

Matriculation exams are held in Pakistan by the regional Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Results will be announced following the exam by the BISE on specified dates.

The boards of education in Pakistan are BISE Karachi, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Multan, Kohat, DG Khan, Faisalabad, Aga Khan, Bahawalpur, Lahore, Gujranwala, Abbottabad, Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, Peshawar, Swat, Dera Ismail Khan, Mirpurkhas, Malakand, Bannu, Mardan, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Larkana, Quetta, Federal Board, and Azad Kashmir Board.

Check the latest Matric exams results on this page, select the year below, and then click the board name to see the results.

A new batch of students was enrolled for matriculating and matriculating. A board’s responsibility is to provide students with results cards and migration certificates. Among the main educational boards working in each city of Pakistan, the Board for Intermediate and Secondary Education plays out the responsibility of implementing the exams for Intermediate and Matric level since 1979.

Download 9th Class Result 2022 Gazette

A lot of students look up their friends’ results without asking their results from there. It is imperative to know the roll number of your friends before finding their results. You cannot check the results of any students without a roll number. The gazettes with the matric results 2022 are available in PDF format. Listed by name are the results of each student.


Q. When the result of the 9th class is coming?

The result of the matric is release on September 19, 2022, at 10:10 AM.

Q. How to check 9th Class Result?

Write your roll number, select the board, choose the year, and select your class in the result checking form.

Q. Is 9th Class Result is announced?

No, the result of the matric is not announced yet.

Q. What is the date of matric result 2022?

The 9th Class Result is expected to be declared on 19-9-2022.

Q. How to check 9th Class Result by sms?

See the code of your city from the above-given table and send it by typing your roll number to that code, for example, if 123456 is your roll number then send it to your city code.

Q. How to check 9th Class Result by name?

There is no proper method to find results by name. But, if you have a gazette, then you can find your result via typing your name in the search bar of the gazette pdf form.

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