Ptcl Speed Test | Internet Speed Test Service And Print Duplicate Bills

PTCL is the best internet in Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are many people who are confused by checking the internet speed. Today I’m sharing the best way to check PTCL DSL Speed Test. The rate of your subscribed services bandwidth can be matched with this PTCL Internet Speed Test. This speed test can help you to find the exact bandwidth required for running your internet operations at high speed.

PTCL Internet Speed Test is Important?

Everyone knows slow internet can distribute your important task and you can be lost your client and if you delay in their projects. This is important for you to check your internet speed. When you check your internet speed, this will help you to check your internet speed, and this will find the main reason behind your internet connections.

When you can check and find why your internet speed is low, then you can call the PTCL helpline and raise the complaint. They will visit your location in 24 to 72 hours and fix that issue in your internet connections.

Here are some important reason why your PTCL internet speed to slow down


The main problem is the landline if in your area the landline has many joints and broken. You can complain to PTCL to fixed the landline issues.

Peaks Hour

The peak hour is another issue to slow your internet speed .mostly internet companies launch their peak hours and print on bills. But in peaks Hour you haven to face the low PTCL internet speed.

Shared internet

Shared internet is another problem in the low-interest speed. If you shared your internet password, it could also slow your internet speed. This can cause your PTCL internet speed to slow down.

Uses of Torrent

The use of Torrent is also slow PTCL internet speed mostly.

Here is another reason that slow

  • Optimize windows slow PTCL internet speed
  • Low disk space
  • For viruses protection

The PTCL SPEED TEST can be checked by following these steps.

  • First, you can visit the website of Speed test services.
  • Okla’s net speed test is also good to test PTCL Speed test.
  • A tool called’ check your internet speed’ will appear. Press the enter button on the ‘begin PTCL speed test.

 Why Use PTCL Broadband services

Mostly PTCL offers a number of Broadband services in any area. This will provide the most Demanded services of PTCL in every area. Most PTCL services are provided by their customers on a packages basis.

There are some other good reasons as to why to use PTCL broadband services

  • PTCL broadband services are available at cheap
  • They provide high downloading speeds as compare to other
  • They provide free internet devices on first connections
  • Calling services also cheap as compared to other
  • Helpline available 24 hour
  • The buffering rate is also low
  • They gave us you better access to the HD resources

How good internet speed is useful for you

Every company shows that their internet speed is better than others and they also show on adverting that they provide the best internet speed. But when we order the packages they will see a connection in our areas after few days we realized that speed is slow we can call their helpline that’s is wrong. If you are going to order an internet connection first, check their internet speed because It really doesn’t matter to them if they are receiving 50 or 500 megabits per second. Nowadays, the most important thing is that first check your internet speed because almost everything in your household is comprised of web-enabled devices like smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets.

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The low internet speed can also distribute your gaming, web surfing, downloading, movies, the slower the internet, the delayed the task. It becomes impossible with the slow internet to use at the same time with multiple devices based on the web. Like for example, it can take days to download movies, hours to download a song or upload a picture.

10 Benefits of checking Speed and enjoying fast internet speed

Internet high Speed comes with different advantages. First, it helps to improve the use of your browsers. And Another is to achieve fast videos and streaming this will make possible only with fast internet speed. The high internet speed provides back your investment as the shape of the internet speed.

  • You can power multiple web-enabled devices at one time
  • Delayed buffering can be avoided
  • Get full entertainment by watching online videos and movies
  • Connect more devices
  • Download movies
  • Download songs, documents in less time
  • Get faster uploading
  • Faster page load on time
  • Easy check 
  • fix internet problems with Speed test
  • Instant check for viruses
  • Faster browsing

Why People mostly use PTCL DSL Connections 

  • People now prefer to use PTCL DSL because;
  • Cheaper than other networks 
  • This will help you to online for 24 hour 
  • Provided statics IP
  • Easy installation methods 
  • This will also offer Test PTCL speed

How PTCL Internet Speed check

Every internet speed is generally measured in (GB) megabits and(KB) kilobits per second. PTCL internet speed tests you that the higher the speed, the better the internet connection. It is very easy to check the PTCL Internet Speed by the speed tester that developed a PTCL speed test.
If this will show low internet, then your internet speed can be low due to a variety of rezones. So that is most important to check your internet speed from time to time or day by day. Most PTCL speed test users can have speed from 2MB TO 100MB.

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Nowadays, everyone used advanced technology. Using this technology everyone can check their internet speed in few seconds. As we now in this advanced world everyone can chat with other in few second if the other person was living in the other corner of the world. For this, you need to high internet speed to chat with your family or friends.